Pharmacist In Charge (Victoria Falls)

Job Description

  • Develops the annual operating plan for the Pharmacy in line with Cimas objectives and legislature.
  • Develops and updates Standard Operating Procedures for the Pharmacy and submits to the Head – Pharmaceutical Services for approval.
  • Develops and updates the maintenance plan for Pharmacy equipment in line with manufacturers standards.
  • Analyses stock movement trends, disease trends and creates stock orders/requests using analysis results.
  • Oversees the documentation of Pharmacy inventory in line with Cimas policies and procedures.
  • Authorizes removal of expired drugs from shelves, quarantines and arranges for proper disposal.
  • Dispenses medicines in line with Standard Operating Procedures and best practice standards.
  • Performs daily inspections of surfaces for cleanliness in line with Cimas infection control procedures.
  •  Compiles orders for unregistered drugs, checks and approves correctness of Section 75 forms and submits to Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe for permits.
  • Interacts and maintains positive customer relations with clients through correspondence, telephone and emails.

Candidate Requirements

  • Pharmacy Honours Degree
  • A Registered Pharmacist with the Pharmacist Council of Zimbabwe
  • Open Practising Certificate
  • Ability to observe and conform to all the laws and customs of or affecting the pharmaceutical and or health services profession.

Applications Closed

The position is closed from applications.